Birthday on the Beach

Spending my birthday on the beach with my Valentine ❤

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Beautiful day on the beach

This past week we made it back to Florida, and settled back into life on SV Wild.

I wrapped up my work project, Eric’s dad visited us and gifted us with lots of fruit, and we made friends with the family on Wakataitea. We had a delicious dinner and fun game night on their boat.

While we still had the rental car, Eric and I took a day trip down to Fort Pierce, hiked in a state park, ate delicious sushi, and saw two manatees just outside the Manatee Observation and Education Center. This is the second time we’ve visited this spot, and both times we’ve seen a manatee – too cool!

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Rowing back to our boat one evening we watched a mama dolphin and her baby swim about the anchorage, absolutely adorable. Check out this short video clip I put together!


This week Eric also rigged up the dinghy to sail around the anchorage. As if our bright yellow dinghy wasn’t obvious enough, we’re now quite well-known at the Vero Beach City Marina.

Eric sailing the dinghy, and yes that is a rowing oar as a rudder.

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