A month off SV Wild

January 20, 2020

This past week we put the boat to bed for a little while . And got ourselves ready for a whirlwind of a few weeks.

After hitching a ride to shore, we jumped in the rental car, hopped on a plane, flew to Maryland, and spent the evening with my folks.

The next morning we visited both of our grandmothers, and some of Eric’s cousins in Pennsylvania, spending the night with family in PA. We enjoyed an early breakfast with the cousins and then drove to Indiana and crashed at my aunt’s house.

When we booked our tickets we breathed a sigh of relief – we wouldn’t have to worry about weather for a while. We were wrong. A storm rolled across the plains, so we hunkered down and took a rest day with my aunt and her family. Then we drove to a friend’s house in Illinois. During a sunset hike we enjoyed watching ice flow down the river behind Elizabeth’s house, so cool. Then, a game night and hot chocolate, great way to end an evening.

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From Illinois we made the long march of 13 hours to Colorado, and arrived home after dark. A friend came over to catch up and help Eric put snow tires onto the Subie – we are gonna need them in the mountains.


January 27, 2020

Skiing! The mountains! Oh how I missed you. So gorgeous.

12,000 feet above seal level

No winter is complete without snow.

The view from the slopes in Winter Park, CO


January 31, 2020

My work meeting went really well!

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And now Eric and I have a few days to hang out with friends.

Bobcat Ridge
Photo courtesy of Marcia – thanks for snapping one of us!

February 1, 2020

Snow day with friends – I’m so glad to be home. Unfortunately the altitude is kicking my butt, but we all had a great time playing in the snow and hanging out. Chili was waiting for us in the slow cooker when we got home, yum.

Skiing and snow shoeing with an ecstatic puppy

February 2, 2020

More time in the mountains, I really can’t get enough.


Not gonna lie, I’ll be sad to leave. I love hanging out with these great friends. But warmer weather awaits us.

Eric loves Music City Hot Chicken, I love these people

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