One massive project done, many small projects to go…

I desperately want to see a baby sea turtle. Until then, I paint it.

December 4, 2019

I made time to do a little painting on a discarded oyster shell I scavenged in the boat yard – Eric thought a creature was hoarding shells under our boat, that was me.

Another day of laying up fiberglass over his head.

Mark and Eric completed the final layer of fiberglass on our boat!  Almost done!


December 6, 2019

The final step – paint!

And now the paint! We are officially finished fixing the structural issue with SV Wild! It ain’t pretty, but she’ll float and hopefully stay dry.

Watching paint dry. Or rather, willing it to dry in this very damp cold climate.

December 9, 2019

The rain won’t stop.

We’re trying to get out of here as quickly as possible, so we’re slapping on coats of bottom paint with only hours to spare before the rain comes down again. Our windows of opportunity are so small between temperature and the rain. It’s extremely frustrating.

We first layered a coat of red paint, so that we’ll know when we’re through two layers of the black coat.

Another attempt to keep morale up – my friend Lucy on Dulcinea and I made felt pine cone critters as holiday decorations. Lucy wrapped fairy lights around a pineapple as their Christmas tree. I loved it.

Getting into the festive spirit

December 10, 2019

Another layer of bottom paint. Another dreary day.


December 12, 2019

Eric got the oven hooked up and functional! I lost count of how many times he ran back and forth to the hardware and marine stores, trying to get the right parts to properly hook up our propane system. He installed a propane solenoid, replaced corroded hose, and had to try several different ways of connecting the hoses from the stove and oven to the tank. It’s been a very extremely frustrating past few days.

We made brownies. They were severely overcooked. But we ate it all.

First baking attempt – edible!



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