Crossing the Maryland State Line

August 17, 2019

Today Wild crossed the border into Maryland waters!

We left Smith Point Marina and popped out into the mouth of the Potomac. Due to very light winds we motor-sailed the whole afternoon.

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks doing boat projects while visiting family, and I’ve finished sewing three of nine boat cushions – pretty proud of them so far!

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They were super comfy when I took an involuntary nap on the couch today, and I slept through the weather service warning about water spouts, high winds, and boat-flipping waves. Thankfully we never saw any of those nasty conditions.

We arrived at Lookout Point State Park, anchored and rowed our dinghy to shore and hike around, exploring the park for a bit.  Apparently this area was used in the Civil War as a depot for prisoners of war, many of which died due to poor conditions. I watched one gull chase another to fight for its fish, listened to a very noisy heron on Treasure Island, and laughed at a group of osprey getting feisty as the sun set.


Other than some crispy sunburn, today was a good day on the boat.

Another gorgeous sunset on the Chesapeake

August 18, 2019

At 4:30 in the morning I woke up to a very rolly anchorage. I feared something wrong with our boat at first, but after a few minutes orienting myself to the situation, I realized it was high tide and swell from the Chesapeake rolled through the anchorage, rocking the boat uncomfortably.

I took more involuntary naps as I attempted to get out of bed twice. Not a fun feeling to fight for consciousness.  After tea and breakfast, we rowed to shore and I rolled out my yoga mat in a quiet corner of the state park. I felt so much better after stretching and rooting my feet on solid ground.


Back to the boat, we motor sailed for the morning, struggling against the current. But by 1pm, we turned off the engine and hoisted the spinnaker for a breezy afternoon sail north. We made it to Cook Point Cove.

Crossing paths with a tug and cargo barge on the Chesapeake

August 19, 2019

We got the boat to Annapolis!

The Chesapeake Bay has been in the news for it’s growing dead zone – I’ve lost count of the number of dead fish we’ve seen floating in the Bay.

Another dead fish we sailed past in the Bay

Another new sight – Annapolis holds the largest concentration of boats we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Masts as far as the eyes can see – Annpolis

Sure Florida had plenty of boats, but I’d never seen so many crammed into such a small space. I’m amazed we found a mooring ball to anchor near town.

Narrow channels to maneuver in Annapolis

August 25, 2019

Exploring downtown Annapolis

Finally, my family has seen the boat! I enjoyed a delicious lunch in Annapolis with my family.

A parade of friends and family have come to visit us on the boat in Annapolis.


We took my brother Kyle and his girlfriend sailing for the first time!


Then we took Eric’s cousins on a sunset sail, and his brother was able to join us for that too.


August 28, 2019

For a few days we anchored in Chase Creek off the Severn River. Eric spent an afternoon starting to chip away at the growth that coated the bottom of our boat like a think shag carpet. I took the opportunity to paddleboard around the sheltered creek.

While chilling for the evening, we met Mark whose backyard faces the water. He welcomed us into his home, shared great stories, and offered us the use of his bikes so we could explore the local rail trail. We biked 15 miles, which felt great to stretch the legs.


August 29, 2019

Back in Annapolis, we got to show off our boat to my cousins! After lunch we stopped by a produce stand and I picked up a watermelon along with some other goodies.


We caught up with Andromeda Sol (a South African couple who we met coming north in North Carolina).  Over drinks they shared with us their harrowing tale of a microburst that dismasted their sailboat 20 miles off the coast of New Jersey. I can’t imagine the intense few minutes they experienced as they struggled to cut the metal cables tying the broken mast to their ship, to cast off the carnage that threatened to break apart their hull and sink their home.  And yet, they’re putting on a new mast, and continuing their sail across the world. Hardcore.

I’ve taken full advantage to our close anchorage to shore – it’s only a two minute paddle to the dock, and I’ve enjoyed the natural area nearby.

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August 30, 2019

Eric braved the murky water to finish cleaning the bottom of our boat. He scraped the hulls for hours. Just as he climbed up the swim ladder, we watched in horror as a dinner plate-sized horseshoe crab carcass drifted by the boat. Gross. We did a sunset sail with a good friend of mine, and I enjoyed catching up with her.

Sunset in Annapolis

August 31, 2019

Another friend from highschool visited and we took them on an afternoon sail! Then we went on a sunset sail with my mom and sister.

I’m so grateful to share these moments with family and friends – I hope y’all can come visit us in more exotic places!

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