Sewing and Art in Maryland

July 26, 2020

This is an example of the couch cushions I will be replacing. That’s nine cushions I need to rip apart, tear out to reuse the piping and the plastic backing, and sew new fabric. So much sewing to do, I hope the machine can handle it. I hope I can handle it.

Worn, ripped, and stained – these cushions need a new face. Time to rip it apart!

This evening I joined in on my mom & sister’s girls night, complete with art! This was my first time using acrylic paint in a long while.

Not bad for a first attempt

July 27, 2020

Eric and his dad are building a water maker to take sea water and turn it into drinking water through a series of pumps and filters. It’s science! Eric’s dad has been hard at work putting pieces together while we were cruising.

Our dads discussing the water maker


To take a break from the boat work, we traveled to Washington DC and visited one of my favorite memorials.

A forest in the capital



My man Teddy!

Theodore Roosevelt has his very own island dedicated to his memorial, with hiking trails and all around views of the Potomac River. It’s a lovely respite from the bustle of the city.

Thanks to my friends Ruth and Andrew for bringing us here!

August 2, 2020

When I’m not working on boat projects, I’m making art! I used a wood burner to brand a home made leather banjo strap for my brother.


August 8, 2020

I’ve found the fabric I want to use to renew my boat cushions, torn apart one old cushion and started putting it back together. I’m very proud of this corner, I can sew!

Figuring out the pattern and piping from scratch proved extremely frustrating


August 9, 2020

I’m close to finishing the stitches on the first boat cushion – progress!

We traveled north to Pennsylvania with Eric’s dad to visit family at Greencastle’s Old Home Week.  It’s an old tradition that started in 1902 for former residents or those with connections to the area to return to the family homestead, and the town celebrates their history and strong community bonds.

In a house museum we found this relic – “Reese Formula” – which I believe to be actual snake oil made by the Reese family (possibly related?).


After the sun set we enjoyed a fantastic fireworks display.


August 16, 2020

I’ve spotted several different species of caterpillar along the Reese’s driveway that I’ve never seen before! Ah, the joys of spending time back on land.



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