Beaufort, South Carolina

We left Charleston, said goodbye to that massive three-mast sailboat, and continued south.


During the mid afternoon Nicki had a rather odd experience where two people wearing fancy formal clothing rocked up to a gazebo along the ICW riding a golf cart. The woman rushed down the pier and stood at the edge, waving furiously and shouted “Hi!” It reminded Nicki of how she sounded when she saw dolphins in the water. She waved back and we continued on our way.

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At some point we cut through a narrow channel, and held our breath as we passed through the rocky gap. Further down the river Eric shouted jokingly, “smokers!” in reference to the movie Water World as two jet skiers passed by.

We anchored in the marsh and watched stubby islands rise up as the tides receded.


And in case you were wondering, I have been ecstatic that Eric cooks more often since we’ve moved onto the boat! We’ve been eating very hearty soups and burgers and other tasty things to keep morale up through the cold.

I was so stoked I took a picture, but only after I’d eaten half of it – fish, home fries, and a fried egg on top to finish some delicious leftovers from Charleston

The next day we made it Beaufort, South Carolina. Looking at the weather forecast, we decided to spend a week here to wait out a storm. By being in one place long enough that we could order supplies and parts we needed to fix the boat, Eric could trouble shoot the electrical system, and I could have a week long yoga retreat at the studio above the marina office.

Storm’s a comin’

The people who stay at Lady’s Island Marina are absolutely wonderful, we immediately felt welcomed. We made friends with the dock master and her best dog, Swemo. In honor of the holidays, the marina store served lunch to the marina residents every day that week, we felt very lucky! Eric received a lot of helpful advice as folks stopped by to see how we were doing. One night the the bar/restaurant next door served a cheap meal that included a burger, a hot dog, beans and coleslaw, and another night they brought pizza and we played games. I was very much reminded of our friends back in Colorado – miss you all!

Swemo ❤

Eric worked very hard to figure out why our battery wasn’t charging properly and how using only our one anchor light at night would run down the battery even though the engine alternators should have been charging them all day as we traveled. I helped as best I could, learning a lot about how electricity works – before it was all pixies, now I kind of get how electricity is like water – it flows, can be constricted by wires like a pipe, and I picked up a bit about amps and current as well. I have to be honest it’s still a little fuzzy, but a lot less magical than it used to be!

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Part of why we were struggling so much to fix the boat is because nothing is ever straightforward – even when we know the part numbers!

Same part # for the oil filter, different sizes. Only one fits right.

For a moment we thought we were far enough south for a bit of a respite from our intense travel push south, the weather wasn’t too cold for the week and I saw more than a couple of lizards scooting around.

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Eric eventually figured out that our wind generator was not regulating its energy output properly for a multitude of reasons, so we disconnected it to prevent it from continuing to boil the water in our lead acid battery. Yikes. Once he solved the wind generator mystery, tracked down some rogue live wires, and replaced some of the corroded wires that connected to the battery, we felt a lot more confident that our electrical system would function in an acceptable manner.

We toot-tooted in the dinghy over the the town of Beaufort proper, and yes the historic district and old buildings were fantastic and this place has some awesome history (look it up!), however I only took pictures of trees.

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I really enjoyed our time at Lady’s Island Marina, and Beaufort seems like a pretty cool town, however we were anxious to keep heading south, especially as the last morning we woke up to a thick layer of frost on the dock – time to keep running south from the cold weather!

No post would be complete without a beautiful sunset photo!

Next post – the Atlantic Ocean!

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