Week Three – Charleston, SC!


Another beautiful morning on the ICW, South Carolina

To finish the week we decided to push onward to Charleston, South Carolina because it sounded more interesting than Georgetown, and we were excited to meet up with Eric’s parents who drove down from Maryland to visit.

That’s Georgetown in the distance, it’s known for the iconic paper mill that spews (steam?)

Watching the weather, we knew it would be a close call and we probably should have stopped sooner to avoid traveling in bad weather. But we pressed on towards glory in Charleston.

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As predicted, the weather did not hold out for us. The day we were due for Charleston we woke up to pouring rain, and as we entered the Charleston Harbor, a blanket of fog rolled in and the water swelled beneath us to make it an uneasy ride.

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There were times in the fog where we couldn’t even see 30 feet away from us. We also learned the hard way that a moment of crisis was not the time to figure out how to make the old radar work, or rather find out that it didn’t work at all. Slowly, cautiously, we made our way across the harbor and found the marina where we would spend our weekend. After passing by the dock we realized they intended to squeeze us between two rather expensive looking sailboats. They graciously gave us 45 feet to fit our 35-foot sailboat, and Eric parked it like a pro!

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And then we finally set foot on land!

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I was so happy to stretch my legs. Eric’s parents met us at the marina, and we spent the weekend exploring. Charleston was a pretty cool town to check out, despite the rain and dreary weather.

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We walked around the historic areas until we got blisters on our feet, all the while eating delicious seafood and barbecue.

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One of my favorite places we visited was the South Carolina Aquarium. I couldn’t help myself but to chat up every aquarium staff member I bumped into and discuss marine biology, their graduate research, and how cool I thought their conservation work. They were my people – and they help sea turtles!

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And here are a few more photos, because I can’t help myself.

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After an action-packed weekend exploring Charleston, it was time for us to continue south.


Next time – a fun stop in Beaufort, South Carolina!

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