Cat attacks and Leaving the boatyard

Eric finally peeled himself away from the mooring ball at Green Cove Springs boatyard this week, and he is slowly making his way out of the St. Johns River. He spent three weeks helping our friends on SV Ripple get their boat ready to put back on the water, and soon we’ll be buddy-boating again!

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy digging myself out of the snow in Colorado…

I estimate I got about 12″ and drifts in the front yard across the driveway came up to my knees…

I baked bread…

Thank you Betsy for the sourdough starter!

And I tried to get work done while the cats have bombarded me for attention.

They aren’t too needy while I’ve worked on the couch. This has become the preferred workspace for all of us.

Zelda likes to lean in for the head snuggle while I’m working, and honestly I don’t mind.

The cats have made several appearances in my zoom calls, to the delight of all graced with their presence.

Stay warm out there – whether you’re in Colorado or Florida, winter is cold!

Two of my very good friends are moving away from Colorado. They held a bonfire before driving east. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!

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