Velcro Beach

February 28, 2020

This past week we’ve stuck around Vero Beach as I’ve been very busy putting together a work contract, and Eric has worked hard to fix our dinghy’s gasoline engine. It’s still giving us trouble, but he succeeded in wiring up a new set of batteries for our electric dinghy motor, so we can put-put around using solar power! I’m much happier with this situation, and I’m excited at the possibility of a new conservation project starting very soon. It will shift our sailing plans, but work is good and as they say, any sailor’s plans are written in sand at low tide.

February 29, 2020

At the beach this morning, we watched a group of guys release a five foot lemon shark that they caught from the beach. I wasn’t quick enough at the draw to snag a photo of the toothsome fish, but the boys in the surf were the fishers helping the shark return to the water. I had very mixed feelings watching them drag the shark ashore where people swim, but at least they let it swim away.

Fishers of sharks along Vero Beach, FL


The local art museum offered free admission today, so Eric and I walked about and appreciated art. As they also had an open house for their spring classes, I took the opportunity to chat with the class teachers about the craft of water color. I learned so much.

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I also enjoyed talking with a jeweler, who made me a very simple ring while we talked. I think he was very happy to have been able to bring his torch for the demonstration.



March 1, 2020

Today we went on an epic paddle board journey, and saw so many cool things.  We watched pelicans chase dolphins as they caught fish together. And then we found a public natural area island where we tied up and hiked around, finding a picnic area and a warren of trails hacked through the mangroves.

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While paddle boarding back to the boat I saw this crazy sea critter swimming near the surface.

Sooty Sea Hare in Vero Beach FL

I thought it was a leaf at first, until I realized that it was flapping in regular intervals, and swimming against the current. I was thoroughly stumped by this little critter, I’d never seen anything like it. Researched it later to find out it was a Sooty Sea Hare. So neat!

Once we got back to the boat two manatees greeted us as they swam by. Today has been an awesome day.

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