Getting back on the horse

Sunrise on the Chesapeake

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been really bad about updating this blog. I’m making a renewed effort to keep this blog up-to-date(ish) as well as chip away at my back log of photos, videos, and stories. A lot has happened that I really want to share with you, however I need to adjust my own expectations in order to post on time. On the boat, I can’t really spend more than half an hour on my laptop before I get low-grade motion sick. So, when I’m back on the boat I’ll try to post very short snippets more consistently. While I’m on land, I’ll try to make the most of it!

A quick timeline of our movements, as well as a link to view our GPS tracker so you can follow along in our adventure:

  • January – Boatyard
  • February – Florida Keys
  • March – Florida Keys
  • April – Bahamas
  • May – Bahamas
  • June – Bahamas to North Carolina
  • July – The Carolinas to Virginia, road trip to Connecticut
  • August – Sailing from VA to Maryland, Visiting family
  • September – Back to VA, trip to Colorado

You can follow our boat movements on this website!

Here’s my most recent update, and below are links to a few back-dated posts.


September 16, 2019

I’ve spent the past few days in Colorado. It’s been so great to see the mountains, visit friends, and reconnect with my colleagues. The cats missed us and are lavishing us with snuggles and demands for pets. I’ve biked all over town – it’s such a luxury to be able to travel without intense preparation (I am so glad we have them, however to say that its a bit of a hassle to get our folding bikes off and then back on the boat… is an understatement).

This past weekend Eric and our friends competed in the 24 Hours of Lemons, a junk car endurance race. Keep an eye out for the recap video for High Plains Raceway (I’ll try to remember to post a link when it comes out). Eric’s team Panda Expresso made a heroic effort with several quick fixes at the track. Ultimately though, they needed to tow the race car home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our friends in Sew So Fast won 1st place in their class – way to go!

Celebrating the end of the 24 Hours of Lemons at High Plains Raceway


Back log: January 2019 Boat Work Part II

Back log: February 2019 Winning at the Boatyard

Back log: September 2019 The Shadow of Dorian


I’ve re-posted old blogs to be in the proper timeline of events, hope it’s not too confusing!

I’ll be continuing to add posts from February through August and fill in the gaps as I go along. Although the stories may not be added in chronological order, they’ll be back dated to match when events occurred. Cheers!

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